Current puts the world of influencers at your fingertips.

Build and grow influencer relationships with ease using best-in-class creator discovery, content analysis and campaign management tools.


Influencer Search & Discovery

Dive into influencer traits, audience insights and performance trends from over 200 million historical posts and 100 billion analyzed followers to find exactly who you're looking for.

Content Search & Reports

Filter for brand-specific topics and mentions with our fully searchable posting histories; run summary reports to understand relevant trends and top performing social content.


Brand Benchmarking &

Key Influencer Analysis

Leverage our influencer analysis methods to assess your brand's social KPI's and identify existing fans who can spread your message effectively across platforms.

Influencer Audience &

Safety Reviews

Vet influencers thoroughly with Current's audience health checks and multiple brand safety filters, including a custom banned keyword option for brand-specific sensitives.


Roster Creation with

Team Approvals

Easily build rosters to observe, benchmark or activate influencers for brand initiatives. Share rosters among key stakeholders to capture feedback and align on the right influencer partners.

Talent Outreach &

Communication Platform

Actively recruit influencers to partner with your brand. Current streamlines messaging and contact history to allow team members to understand all relevant relationships.


Influencer Pricing &

Campaign Management

Quickly set up campaigns and share details across teams and influencers. Current offers important guidance on market pricing, plus flexible options to capture all posts and custom requirements.

Team Workflow &

Milestone Tracking

Communicate and assign tasks across your team to keep campaigns organized and on track, while observing and logging each influencer's campaign progress.


Full Reporting Driving to

ROI Insights

Current aggregates all available social data from your campaign and automatically calculates key efficiency metrics, benchmarks engagement levels and enables brand-specific ROI reporting.

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