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Ambassador Hub

All the tools you need to build an authentic ambassador community that drives revenue.

Easy Payments

Pay your connected creators faster and make your job easier with payments and taxes.

Find & Recruit

Recruit the best influencers and ambassadors for your brand.

Product Seeding

Simplify sending product to creators with a seamless Shopify integration.

Measure Results

Really understand how well your creator marketing is performing with deep reporting.

Ambassador community

Connect creators as ambassadors to your brand

Imagine a community of creators loving on your brand and consistently telling the world why you're awesome. Current gives you all the tools to build an authentic ambassador program.

A branded community experience
Custom ambassador shopping experience
Direct and community messaging
Easy onboarding and campaign management
easy payments

Creator payments and taxes with less hassle

Custom payment structures

Flexible payout options with smaller thresholds and faster delivery.

Simplify taxes

Collect W9s and automatically distribute 1099s with our IRS integration.

find and recruit

Recruit the best creators as ambassadors

We'll help you attract and find amazing creators to connect to your brand as ambassadors.

Product seeding

Get product in creators hands without headaches

Custom catalogs

Each campaign or creator group can choose from a curated list of products.

Easy logistics and visibility

Order creation, shipping, and tracking delivered status will be much easier on you.

measure results

Track and report on the success of your creator marketing

You know the phrase we want to use here (robust reporting) so we're not going to say it. But, yeah, you'll be able to quickly measure how your creator marketing is performing.

Plug into our team of industry experts with proven ROI

Teaming up with our tech we have a stellar agency with deep industry experience riding alongside you in your quest to build your brand.

Here's some of what we do ...

Need help growing your ambassador program? We got you. Need help contracting celebrities for a product launch? We're on it. Need help creating custom boxes and shipping to influencers? Yup, we can.

TikTok Shop

Full-service TikTok Shop help. We'll get you set up and running so you don't miss out on the next social commerce wave.

Allowlisting Media

Promote your best creator content further and see even higher conversions.

Ambassador Program Operations

If you don't have the internal resources for a full program put us to work instead.

Ambassador Program Growth

Custom-built growth playbooks for you brand that will create a revenue generating monster ambassador program.

Campaigns and Contracting

You'll get a campaign you'll brag about and we'll find, negotiate with, and contract the right influencers for your brand.

Don't miss out on TikTok Shop.

We're a ceritfied TikTok partner that can help you set up your TikTok Shop, establish TikTok affiliates to promote your brand the right way, and support you with TikTok ads management.

What our clients say

I like Current's commission-first payment structure for ambassadors and that they are an all-in-one option.

Chad Mitchell
DKB Brands

Worked with Current forever and they are awesome.

Skyler Meine

The support we receive from Current is incredible. I know I can always count on Current to help.

Nicole Aguirre
Uproot Clean

I love that our ambassador community can chat with each other with Current's messaging features.

Destinni Hernandez

Current had the best tools for the goal we had to build an ambassador community but also manage influencers if needed.

Nicole Nelson
Just Ingredients

Influencer marketing has boomed for us because of the insane content our ambassadors produce.

Katie Kirkwood
Humble Brands

The whole experience from start to finish has been incredible.

Kristina Mikhalkova

Current is a better value and they provide the ability to pay influencers through ACH payments. Influencers hate Paypal fees.

Paige Morris
Babe Original

A community of creator advocates building your brand.