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Build your ambassador program, run influencer marketing campaigns, make product seeding awesome, and simplify payments and taxes. Make influencer marketing work.

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Ambassador community

Everything you need to build your ambassador community

White-label experience

Build an ambassador community with the best creators for your brand. You can find and recruit them or set up an inbound onboarding. Either way the experience will look like your brand and will be a community you own.

Communicating with your community

Build real relationships with your ambassadors. Have 1-on-1 or group conversations with your community. Even let the community collaborate with each other. You can also segment your community into groups.

Custom experiences with ambassador groups

Group your ambassadors as needed to provide unique experiences like custom discount codes or access to different product catalogs.

Product Seeding

Easily manage product seeding

You'll be able to manage all of your gifting, product orders, tracking, and more all within Current.

Integration with Shopify

With one click you can quickly send products synced to your Shopify store to creators.

Payments solved

Authorize payments, customize payouts, collect tax documents, and automatically send 1099s to creators. Make creators happy by sending payment either through ACH or Paypal.

Automated monthly payments
Instant one-off payments
Automated tax filings
Smart commission structures

Find & Recruit Creators


Find creators

Build creator prospect lists from your existing customers, brand parameters, AI-based lookalikes, and our database of opted-in creators.


Recruit creators

After finding creators that fit your brand use our full outreach sequencing features to recruit creators into your ambassador program.


Enjoyable onboarding

Create an enjoyable and easy branded onboarding experience for creators you've recruited into your ambassador community.


Measure the impact of your creator marketing initiatives down to the individual creator level in your program.

campaign management

Manage creator campaigns all in one place

Give your community of creator advocates everything they need to support your next campaign launch. Provide detailed campaign briefs, manage campaign opt-ins, campaign product catalogs, and campaign specific discount codes.

discount codes

Kill the hassle from discount codes

Create custom discount codes that can be scheduled, assigned to specific creator groups, and automatically expire within set dates.

Creator email notifications of discount code changes
Bulk update discount codes
Create buy x get y and free shipping discount codes
Schedule discount codes for seasonal offers
Detailed history log so you know where codes came from

A community of creator advocates building your brand.