Ambassador hub

Grow your ambassador program, authentically

Is it possible to save time, optimize your internal resources, and drive revenue without sacrificing your authentic community relationships? Yes, it is! Our ambassador hub features empower you to recruit confidently, optimize your bottom line, and maximize your return.

Trusted by thousands of creators and brands

A branded white-label experience

We know how important it is to start on the right foot with potential ambassadors. Tell you brand story and set the tone for your community with our complete white-label ambassador community experience, hosted on your own custom domain.

Custom ambassador onboarding

Customizable application forms

Using our custom application forms you'll better screen potential ambassadors by asking the most important questions to your brand.

Effectively communicate with your community

Make sure your community has the right level of communication and engagement from your team with dynamic messaging whether that be 1-to-1, 1-to-many, or even letting your community engage with each other.

Simplify managing ambassador community payouts

Pay your loyal ambassadors and talent the way you need to without headaches. Set up flat fee or performance-based incentives and get your community paid faster.

Bespoke payment structures
Tax & banking documentation and simplification
Authorized payments process
Accessible payments records

Create a unique ambassador shopping experience

Give your ambassador community access to exclusive product, special discount codes, referral links, and curated product catalogs all linked to your Shopify.

Custom experiences with ambassador groups

Group your ambassadors as needed to provide unique experiences like custom discount codes or access to different product catalogs.

A community of creator advocates building your brand.