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A quick intro to tiktok shop

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a set of ecommerce features built natively in TikTok's app that enable brands to promote and sell their products directly to TikTok users. This includes major features like product catalogs, a new Shop tab, TikTok Affiliate Center, and the ability for brands and creators to post shoppable videos and livestreams.

Shoppable Content

Creators and brands can now include links to products on their videos and livestreams.

Product Catalog

Brands can add their product catalog to their TikTok Shop with integrations, enabling users to find and purchase product within the app.

Affiliate Center

Brands and creators (TikTok Affiliates) can easily partner together using the TikTok Affiliate Center.

TikTok Shop success

How Current helps you with TikTok Shop

As a TikTok Shop Partner we'll help you build your TikTok Shop, run TikTok ads, create high-performing content at scale, and ultimately drive sales through TikTok's exciting social commerce platform.

Content creation at scale

Your TikTok Shop is only as good as the content you build to support it. We'll fuel your shop with our in-house content creators and partnering with high-performing TikTok Affiliates.

TikTok Affiliates management

Anyone that has tried influencer marketing knows how challenging it can be to find, recruit, and manage creators. We'll help you navigate the nuance with TikTok's Affiliate platform and build high-performing creator partnerships for your brand.

Technology & operations

As a certified partner we have extra access to TikTok's support team to navigate through the pesky challenges that will arise not to mention managing your Seller Center.

TikTok Advertising

We'll boost the best content even further by managing TikTok Ads supporting your Shop. We'll drive views to livestreams and amplify shoppable videos while making sure you see a strong ROAS.

Product fulfillment

Current is part of the largest e-commerce accelerator in the world, Pattern. You'll get access to Pattern's suite of services like Order Fulfillment and more. We can take care of everything.

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