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We grow profitable ambassador programs. We build long-lasting influencer strategies. And we take ownership of our clients' success.

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ambassador program growth

Profitable growth with authentic ambassadors

Get thousands of qualified applicants. Our team will build a custom strategy guaranteed to identify the right creators for your brand using our proprietary methods and straight hustle.

Identify ambassador personas
Compensation structure best practices
Branded outreach
Discount code integration
Deliverable guidelines
Ambassador program operations

We'll handle the hard stuff ... all the hard stuff

We will manage all the things. From product seeding to content execution to relationship management, we will drive a successful ambassador program on your behalf.

Branded outreach
Content calendar management
Custom brand boxes
Project management
Budget allocation
campaigns and contracting

Influncer campaigns with no games

From talent contracting to content execution, let our team manage your influencer marketing in a way that drives engagement and increases revenue.

Price transparency
Content approvals
Production expertise
Talent independent
allowlisting media

Amplify your community’s best content

Your ambassadors are already making quality content that promotes your brand. Maximize your ROI by promoting the highest performing content from your community.


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What our clients say

I like Current's commission-first payment structure for ambassadors and that they are an all-in-one option.

Chad Mitchell
DKB Brands

Worked with Current forever and they are awesome.

Skyler Meine

The support we receive from Current is incredible. I know I can always count on Current to help.

Nicole Aguirre
Uproot Clean

I love that our ambassador community can chat with each other with Current's messaging features.

Destinni Hernandez

Current had the best tools for the goal we had to build an ambassador community but also manage influencers if needed.

Nicole Nelson
Just Ingredients

Influencer marketing has boomed for us because of the insane content our ambassadors produce.

Katie Kirkwood
Humble Brands

The whole experience from start to finish has been incredible.

Kristina Mikhalkova

Current is a better value and they provide the ability to pay influencers through ACH payments. Influencers hate Paypal fees.

Paige Morris
Babe Original

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