Need extra help? You can trust our team for campaign support with fully transparent fees.

We get it. Influencer marketing is hard.

Price negotiations, multiple points of representation, contracts, unexpected conflicts...influencer campaigns can present a number of challengers that our experienced team can help you solve. And we list all fees up-front, so we can share information freely with clients and have honest conversations about the right choices for each brand's success.

battle tested team
Battle-tested team

With over seven years operating experience in the influencer industry, Current's founding team has the knowledge and relationships to make things happen where others can't.

brand love
Brand love

Current has a proud history of talent independence. We are proud to help our brand clients choose the best talent and tactics, with no hidden incentives or business conflicts.

creative flexibility
Creative flexibility

Our campaign managers take on all content formats, brand verticals, creative strategies, experiential name it, we'll help you get it done.

negotiation expertise
Negotiation expertise

The war for talent is real. We've executed deals with the industry's top creators, managers and agencies, and we apply that experience to get the best terms for every client, every time.

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