About our company

Current was founded by influencer marketing experts with years of experience in the ups and downs of creator marketing. We were acquired by Pattern in 2022.

Our impact in numbers

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Our values

Innovation - Startech X Webflow Template


We don't let things sit. If a decision can be made, we make it. If something can get done, we do it.

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We run with the "51% Rule." Our partnerships are not 50/50. We go out of our way to give more to our clients and each other than we expect in return.

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We are diligent and we find a way to solve every problem that comes up for our company and our clients.

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We share data throughout working with us to make sure we learn together and continue to make the right decisions for success.

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We lean towards optimism. We trust the people we work with and believe that we'll win.

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We aim to grow personally and professionally. We give it our all to keep pushing limits, crush goals, and make sure everyone working with us achieves crazy growth.

what is pattern?

The premier accelerator for global commerce

Pattern® is the first ecommerce accelerator to help your company grow faster, protect your brand, and sell globally on ecommerce marketplaces, D2C, and other digital channels.

A community of creator advocates building your brand.